As the winds blow, a faint sound of Compromise echoes through his mind. Lightning flashes of how his father treated his mother cringed his inner being. His conscience begins to shoot arrows that say… “You say you love her, yet you lose your temper often”. “You say you love her but you always take and don’t give”. “You say you love her, however yourself comes before sacrifice”. You would lose your mind if you lost her love, so why not lose the temper and gain more time with her, give love smiling and receive her affection. Finally sacrifice with a cheerful grin, then you wont have to lose her love, and that’s a win… win..

Change inwardly is the key, Work on yourself daily and it will unlock the real love hidden and your relationship will Prosper..

©Whispered Poet 2015

Find Happiness



Some sunny skies, more cloudy skies; Few hello’s many goodbyes;  I’m waiting on consistency, happiness to my surprise, is what you make it in the open, uncovered, no disguise. Everyone can see a façade so why not be real, that notion is not to hard, far fetched or some strung out ideal. Don’t look to others to find happiness, don’t wait for certain circumstances to be happy in, find happiness in yourself. True happiness comes from within and when one finds it the sunny sky’s and cloudy skies will even out at last.  While you’ll have more hello’s and fewer goodbyes because happiness now is more real then happiness was in the past.

©Whispered Poet 2015



A hidden heart and mirrored soul; look at me a story told;

As you look at me you see that we are more parallel then you realized.

My heart is unbroken because you took time to know me.

I quietly free myself and give you a reflection you cannot deny.

I offer you to see yourself with me… In me, and together we will be…

forever in love.

©Whispered Poet 2015

My Hearts Prison



Alone with my thoughts I am desolate; time after time I open the door to my home, yet can’t seem to open the door to my heart. Years past pain reminds me what people really want. They are ravaging wolves to my body but are slumbering sheep to my soul. Satisfaction is an illusion, I’m encaged in the four walls that I built up. It allows one to see me but not get close. The fog of my own breath chokes me in the sigh of dismay after every failed relationship. Trapped in my glass box I wonder if I shatter it, will anything change.

©Whispered Poet 2015

Free Yourself



Brute strength that is pulled and grabbed, seductive stroke of distraction limits my movement. A puppet, no strings attached is how you’ll have me. Mentally I choose my own path, physically I’m capable of traveling it, Yet everyone wants a say in what they think I should do. Inwardly I’m fuming while my external shell is un-cracked. Iron-willed I break free from the illusion of supremacy you have over me. I am prospering with anything I touch; and anything that communes with me reaps as such. I’m never to be held back again; I am on track with destiny until my very end.

©Whispered Poet 2015




I lit a candle for a friend today; A vibrant soul that we lost that day; To sudden for someone so young and special as you; I’m trying to pick up the pieces of my heart that are shattered before me. I Pray that I’ll be whole again and I know God will answer in time…so I wait, and another day I try and heal from the pain of loosing you. I try and fill the empty void in my heart; I distract myself with simple things and it works for a while. At night when I am alone I have nothing but memories to dwell on, and the pain envelops me. It’s a season pass on a emotional roller coaster. Anger, sadness then anger again a continuous cycle that I wish would end. The social part of my life is suffering, deprivation is to blame, I have closed off all communication about loosing you. It seems like your still here but I know your gone, and forgetting you is my biggest fear. Loosing you has not set in, yet the only thing I know to do now is…Pray.

©Whispered Poet 2015

See Me


Just A Whisper..

When you look at me is Beauty really what you see; An External figment of what beauty is supposed to be; Society has painted images, of long legs, thin waist, and luscious hair; So if One can’t measure up to that, should they even care. My physical body is extraneous to the inner me, that makes it irrelevant to who I am. Who I am is from the soul of me; the substance poured out makes up the whole of me. When you look at me is beauty really what you see, or am I just to fulfill your physical needs until you are done with me; When I get old and beauty isn’t there, when my waist expands, and I loose all my hair…Question?…will you be anywhere. Take the time to look inside of me; then you’ll see the world that I offer… It will last eternally.                                                                ~Take time to see them~

©Whispered poet 2015.